EBL lawyer Ainura Osmonalieva provided legal and financial assistance to the family of Aichurek, whose legs were seriously injured in an accident involving a drunk driver.

EBL client Gulsanat and her son Maksat now have heating in the winter and survivor benefits thanks to EBL lawyer Marina Edigeeva's assistance.

EBL Lawyer Toktokan Muratova (R) successfully kept the local government from prematurely ending Rabiya Shadibekova's lease of an apricot orchard, her only source of income.

EBL Interns Undergo Pre-Internship Training

The faculty of the Tajik National University welcome the Finnish delegation visiting under the auspices of EBL

Clinic Visits Introduce Students, Advisers to Best Practices

EFCA Joins Campaign to Remove Residence Permit from Kyrgyz Passports

Our Mission

"Equal Before the Law: Access to Justice in Central Asia" is a program funded by the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and implemented by the Eurasia Foundation and the Eurasia Foundation in Central Asia. EBL seeks to improve access to justice for vulnerable people by strengthening the ties between international and national law, and between national law and the actual experience of people, in the five former Soviet Central Asian republics. The program started in July 2011, and will run through December 2013.

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9 August 2013

In this video, we hear the story of one EBL beneficiary who has suffered exceptional cruelty at the hands of her husband. When she became disabled in 2009, her husband abondoned her and their children. Thanks to doctors, she was able to get back on her feet and look after the children, but when she returned home she discovered that her husband had fiddled the documents to the house that they had spent all of their money building together and she was evicted. He then freely handed over the property rights to his sister and her husband, without consulting his wife. A court ruled in the husband's favour, leaving his family homeless and his wife on the verge of suicide. An EBL lawyer has been able to help her case. 

This video was produced as part of "Equal Before the Law: Access to Justice in Central Asia" a 30 month project being implemented by the Eurasia Foundation with funding from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland.

9 August 2013

In this video Guilda tells the heartbreaking story of how her husband's parents made her sign a parental consent form, allowing them to take her daughter away from her in Kazakhstan, to Tashkent. After her daughter was taken, Guilda's husband's relatives refused to allow her to see her daughter. Now it is a year after the court ruled in her favour and Guilda is still yet to see her daughter, with the exception of one visit, which was only allowed on the condition that her lawyer was present. Now she is filing to the courts for a second time to ensure that the first ruling is enforced, but these things take time and she is still waiting for their verdict and still desperate to see her daughter. 

This video was produced as part of "Equal Before the Law: Access to Justice in Central Asia" a 30 month project being implemented by the Eurasia Foundation with funding from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland.


5 February 2014

Eight Central Asia region representatives attended the “Rule of Law” summer school in Helsinki on August19-30, 2013 within the framework of the “Equal Before The Law” project.

Forty people representing 25 countries, most of whom were young researchers, law graduate students, journalists working in the field of law, and independent experts attended the annual summer school this year. It was the 26th  session of the summer program.

14 November 2013

New research in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan shows that younger women are more likely to lack marriage certificates for themselves and birth certificates for their children. This leaves them vulnerable to problems ranging from poor education, health and work prospects to abandonment when their husbands seek work abroad.

5 August 2013

EBL has added two lawyers to its network in Tajikistan, in Rogun and Aini. Donier Aslanov and Dilovarsho Davlatov are both located at the offices of the ombudsman's local representative, strengthening a public-private partnership to provide legal services to needy people. Read more about them and the other EBL lawyers at equalbeforethelaw.org/_network/_lawyers/tajikistan.

9 July 2013

EBL is concluding at the end of 2013, and Eurasia Foundation is tendering for an outcome evaluation. The RFP can be found here

29 June 2013

Fifteen Kyrgyz law students received training to prepare them for internships in July and August.

The training was conducted by a senior lawyer of the legal clinic "Adilet" and representatives of the "Kloop Media" journalism school.  Participants had a chance to gain new knowledge on the subject of counseling clients, media legislation and blogging.